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The Dept. of Neuropsychiatry provides various kinds of help for mental health so that individuals can enjoy healthy and happy lives. With a bit of courage, pay a visit to the Dept. of Neuropsychiatry, which will provide you with an opportunity to enjoy the more satisfactory and enriched life.

For treatment optimized for individual patients, neuropsychiatric experts, such as the doctors and nurses at the Dept. of Neuropsychiatry, social workers and clinical psychologists team up and cooperate with one another to produce the best results.

The Dept. of Neuropsychiatry provides various treatments, such as psychiatric treatment, medicine treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy, biofeedback therapy and electroshock therapy. A sleep disorder clinic and a dementia clinic, which handle the respective conditions in greater detail, improve the quality of provided services, and thus increase the satisfaction of patients and their families.

  • Target Diseases
    • Schizophrenia
    • Bipolar disorder, depression
    • Alcohol dependence
    • Anxiety disorder, panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, stress disorder
    • Personality disorder
    • Dementia
    • Sleep disorder