Kangwon National University Hospital

Welcoming Message

Kangwon National University Hospital Chief  Joo, Jin Hyeong
A healthy life, this is what KNUH strives to achieve.

Welcome to the website of Kangwon National University Hospital.
KNUH will fulfill its role as the backbone of medical services in Gangwon Province, the center of public medicine and a hub for Korea’s national medical system.

President of Kangwon National University Hospital Ju Jin-hyeong

Welcome to the website of Kangwon National University Hospital.

KNUH exerts its utmost effort to become a hospital that is truly loved by the residents of Gangwon Province. In order to advance to a hospital that has spirit and a philosophy and to improve the quality of service and medical expertise, KNUH will make the following efforts.

First, KNUH will become a hospital that is trusted by local residents.

Gangwon Province is a region where the percentage of residents using medical institutes in Seoul and the capital region is among the highest nationwide. This is worse in the Yeongseo part of Gangwon Province. KNUH will strive to continuously improve the quality of medical service, and thus to become a company that is trusted and loved by local residents.

Second, KNUH will foster many respected professors.

KNUH will focus on education, research and treatment, which are the proper duties of a national university hospital, and encourage medical staff so as to foster a large number of professors respected by local residents and provide all-out support to assist them in their growth.

Third, KNUH will strive for its employees to be loved by local residents.

For the employees to be loved by local residents, they will first need to feel valued and respected in their workplace. KNUH will train the employees so that they are respected and develop themselves in their own fields of work and also so that they can be loved by patients and their families.

Fourth, KNUH will fulfill its responsibility for the country.

Gangwon Province has a large number of regions where medical service is inferior. The suicide rate is the highest in the country, and smoking, drinking and obesity rates are also high. Together with Gangwon Provincial Medical Center, rehabilitation hospital and public health clinic, KNUH will strive to strengthen and expand the public medical service system for local residents. KNUH will advance to a hospital that prioritizes the public interest rather than preferentially promoting profits.

Fifth, KNUH will become a hospital that realizes the unattainable.

KNUH will search for and promote projects that are difficult to achieve right away, but can be realized in the future, such as the installation of a stem cell center, medical support for children in northern Gangwon regions, the establishment of a cancer health and recreation center and opening of a second hospital.
The development of a regional university hospital requires the efforts of its professors and employees. In addition, interest and support from the respective local residents is essential. KNUH asks for your continued interest and support, and also complaints and reprimands whenever necessary.
Everyone here at KNUH promises to dedicate the utmost effort until all patients and their families visiting KNUH become happy and healthy.