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The Dept. of Pathology tests tissue and cell specimens from patients and provides necessary information for the patients’ treatment and prognosis.

  • Target Diseases
    • Biopsy : All surgical specimens and endoscopic biopsy tissues are examined visually and using an optical microscope to produce pathological diagnoses.
    • Cytoscopy : Body fluids, such as sputum, ascites, pleural effusion and urine, and cells from the uterine cervix are observed under the microscope to produce diagnoses.
    • Frozen Section Examination : Pathologists swiftly determine the existence of lesions during a surgical operation or of cancerous tissues on the surgically incised part, and thus provide necessary information in setting an appropriate surgical direction.
    • Immunopathology Examination : In case if the diagnosis is difficult based on morphological characteristics, the degree of diagnostic accuracy may be improved through immunological examination using specific antibodies.