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The Dept. of Urology specializes in diagnosing and treating diseases that occur in organs that make and discharge urine, such as kidneys, urinary tract and bladder, and male reproductive organs, such as the penis, testicles, sperm duct and prostates.

Urology is often misunderstood as a department for male patients only, especially for venereal diseases, and one that is not relevant to women. This is a medical field that handles a wide range of diseases concerning the urinary systems of both men and women, and the male reproductive system. Equipped with latest extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, a high-power laser prostatic hyperplasia treatment unit, endoscopic and laparoscopic equipment and a urodynamic test unit, the highly qualified medical staff at the KNUH Dept. of Urology provide the best treatment service to patients.

  • Target Diseases
    • Urological Tumors : Bladder cancer, prostate cancer, renal cancer, testis cancer, retroperitoneal tumor
    • Prostate Diseases : Prostatic hyperplasia, prostatitis, prostate cancer, chronic pelvic pain syndrome
    • Urinary Stone : Kidney stones, ureter stones, bladder stones
    • Urinary Incontinence and Voiding Dysfunction : Female stress urinary incontinence, overactive bladder, neurogenic bladder, geriatric urinary incontinence
    • Male Sexual Dysfunction, Infertility, Menopause : Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, male infertility, male hormone reduction
    • Pediatric Urological Diseases : Enuresis, vesicoureter reflux, hydronephrosis, cryptorchidism, hydrocele
    • Urinary Tract Infections : Cystitis, pyelonephritis, urinary tract tuberculosis, venereal diseases (sexually transmitted diseases)
    • Hematuria (red urine or abnormal finding from urine examination)